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Skyglow Berlin

Skyglow Berlin

Bericht über Skyglow Berlin bei ZDF

Unser Projekt war bei Elektrischer Reporter von ZDF berichtet, und ist hier zu sehen:

[English: Our project was featured on German TV, and the clip is available at the link above]

PhD Christopher...

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Deutschlands erste barrierefreie Sternwarte

Lieber Skyglow Berlin Unterstützer,

Es gibt eine Neues Projekt auf das manche von Ihnen vielleicht toll finden würde. Ziel ist die Nachthimmel alle zu zeigen, egal ob sie behindert oder klein sind. Mehr Info finden sie hier:

Beste Grüße


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"First light" for the Skyglow Berlin project

We are partway through the 1st observation period for the Skyglow Berlin project, and we finally got a nice clear night for the students to make observations! The attached image shows some of the measurement locations which have already been submitted (I wonder if some of the students will submit their data tomorrow instead of tonight? It's a school night after all!)

You can explore the data yourself with this map:

And everyone who's interested can contribute by doing naked eye observations of Orion through the GLOBE at Night program:

The current measurement period lasts until February 28.

(It might be the case that some cloudy sky measurements have already been logged - I think they wouldn't appear on the GLOBE at Night map pictured above.)

One additional interesting thing has come up - some of the Skyglow Berlin meters might be temporarily used for a campaign to map the skyglow of Leipzig in March. This is still in the planning stages, so we'll see...

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Erster Schulbesuch / First school visit!

Click der Link zum lesen / Click "beitrag ansehen" to read my blog post

[English below]

Heute hatte ich meinen ersten Schulbesuch! Es hat wirklich gut geklappt, und die Schüler waren sehr sehr freundlich. Wir hatten sehr gute Diskussionen, und der Lehrer glaubt, dass die Schüler ein großes Interesse an dem Projekt haben. Eine Schülerin hat mir gesagt "Ich habe gedacht, es wird mir heute langweilig, aber es war doch interessant", was, wie ich finde, das beste mögliche Kompliment ist! Montag geht's weiter in der nächsten Schule. Es gibt 4 Bilder insgesamt im Blog:

Leider aber keine Bilder von den Schülern, wegen Jugenddatenrechtssorgen.
Danke nochmals für Ihre tolle Unterstützung.

Today was my first day visiting a school! It went really well, the kids were super engaged and asked a ton of excellent questions. I think they had fun, and the teacher told me that he thinks that based on their reaction they are really excited about the project. One of the students told me that she expected today to be really boring, but she ended up really enjoying it. I think that's the ideal compliment!

There are 4 other photos of me on the blog:

Unfortunately, there's no photos of the students because I would have had to get their parents permission to post them.

Thanks once again for your very generous support! On Monday I go into the second school, and soon the students will start taking data.

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I was very happy with how engaged the students were! Right from the very start, they had lots of questions and comments (I think I'm trying to come up with an answer to one of many very good questions in this photo).

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Ein Reporter hat Interesse am Thema "Wissenschaftler in der Klasse", und war auch dabei. Als wir fertig waren, hat er ein paar von den Schülern sowie den Lehrer interviewt. Die Sendung kommt erst im Sommer.

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Since I was going into a grade 10 math class today, we spent quite a bit of time talking about logarithms. (The scale that the light meter uses is logarithmic.)

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The SQMs have arrived!

The SQMs arrived a day or so before Christmas! They will soon be distributed to the schools, as well as to the lucky Unterstützer who are chosen to be project members!

Of course, everyone else can take part using either:
Naked eye and the internet:
Naked eye and an android phone:
an iPhone:

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SQMs have been ordered!

Dear Skyglow Berlin supporters,

I just wanted to let you know that the SQMs have been ordered, and they are on their way. In the end, we were able to purchase a few more SQMs than we had hoped for, 27 in total! One has already been shipped to a supporter from Canada who made a contribution of more than €200 Euro and therefore got automatic selection as "mitmessender Unterstützer" as a Dankeschön. In the next week or so we will do the draw to determine the other supporters who will receive one of the SQMs (using the website My plan is to distribute 5 SQMs to 4 schools in Berlin and Brandenburg, and divide the remaining SQMs among the 100 Unterstützer.

I recently met with teachers from the schools, and I will be going into the classrooms in early 2014. I had thought that I would meet with the students during break time, or perhaps after school, but I'm actually invited into the classroom to be part of the curriculum!

In one school, the project will be introduced as part of a section on sustainability, and in another school I will come in during the Math class when the students are learning about logarithms (the mag/arcsec^2 scale used by the SQM is logarithmic).

Needless to say, I'm very happy about the enthusiasm of the teachers, and the innovative ways they have come up with to integrate the project into classroom learning.

As promised, the names of supporters who contributed at least €10 have been listed on my website:

If you contributed at least €20 and would like your name to link to a URL, then please send me an email specifying the URL I should link to.

Thanks again for your support, the project wouldn't have happened without you!

PhD Christopher...

fiacyberz Hallo Herr Kyba.
Ich wollte einmal nachfragen. Sind die Mails angekommen oder vielleicht im Spam Ordner gelandet?
Ich würde gern Julian C. mit verknüpft haben :-)
Viele Grüße aus Hamburg

12.12.2013, 14:51
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Flashmob für Wissenschaft

Dear Skyglowberlin supporters and fans,

Tomorrow evening we're going to hold our first "Flashmob für Wissenschaft" in Berlin. The idea is to get as many people as possible together in the exact same place at the exact same time to make sky brightness measurements, and then compare how similar their observations are. This will help us to interpret such observations from around the world.

I could really use your help to make the event a success! Please share this link on Facebook:

And if you're on twitter, please RT this tweet:

Of course, if you're in Berlin, I would really love it if you could come! All the details are available in the blog post I linked to above.

I'm sorry there's been such a delay in sending out the Dankeschöns, I plan to get them out very soon. I am going to delay on the posters, though, because a colleague is visiting from Spain, and we hope to be able to produce a map of Berlin in color, and I think it will be even more impressive than the B/W one.

I am meeting with teachers from three schools next Thursday to draw up the instructions for the students.

Best wishes from Berlin,


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