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Payment methods 

On Startnext you can transfer money with 4 different methods to the project starter:

  1. FidorPay
  2. Direct online Transfer (Sofortü
  3. Bank Transfer
  4. PayPal

All payment methods are initially free of cost for the supporter. That means that a payment does not induce any additional costs. „Whenever a selected amount to be paid is over 50€, the payment methods are all the same.“ There are however differences and specialties and that's why it's worthwhile to think about the funding, and which method will be best. Our suggestion complies with the chosen order above, but for citizens of other countries it is momentarily only possible to support a project by bank transfer.

Our Safety Measures for all so-called Procedures: 

  1. Startnext does not at any time manage the money of Supporters or Starters.
  2. The money will always be managed on an account from Fidor Bank AG or the respective FidorPay-Accounts.
  3. The money that cannot be allocated will always be transferred back to the sender.
  4. The Supporter can get his funding back if the supported project does not reach its funding goal (except by supporting through FidorPay, the chargeback is bound with a service fee). Otherwise the money will be transferred to our Crowdfonds.
  5. All confidential data will be transferred through a secure connection via SSL.
  6. No bank account informations will be saved on the server of Startnext.
  7. The data transfers between the Startnext user account and the FidorPay-Account happens over a secure connection and transfers data that's only relevant to the funding process. (Account user-ID, Transaction-ID)